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elevate your practice

A four week progressive series designed for those who have some foundational knowledge and are ready to deepen their practice.

Week 1: Finding your flow
Develop a deeper understanding of how to connect with your body in yoga. Movement linked to breath is key, but why? Proper alignment can support deeper poses, but how? Finding Your Flow focuses on consistent breathing through a flow, supporting poses by engaging bandhas ("locks"), and detailed cues to know exactly how you can expect your body to look and feel in each pose. With optional hands-on assists, learn the variations of building towards a full expression. 

Week 2: Vinyasa- Peak Pose
Learn the different structures of a vinyasa class by building to a peak pose! One of the ways to vinyasa in a fun flowing, deep stretching manner is to prepare the body for a pose. Experience an alignment focused class with optional hands-on assists that guides you to a peak experience. 

Week 3: Vinyasa- Ladder
A ladder class builds poses for a full body and muscle experience. As you progress through the class, you will repeat many of the poses that enabled you to get to the top by descending the ladder. Doing so allows you to feel where your body could go deeper, or align differently than the first time. Repetition opens doors to sensations that might have been blocked due to focusing on stiffness or entering a pose for the first time. This means getting the pose down pat with optional hands-on assist throughout the class. 


Week 4: Hatha
Finding heat in strength building poses. In this class you will find strength in muscles you didn't know you had! Alignment-based Hatha focuses on strength in the pose and transition rather than flowing through the class with vinyasas. Hatha can be an explorative class that allows participants to trial pushing a pose further, feeling the extent you can be in it and learning how to have fun with it. Expect lots of smiles and alignment cues with optional hands-on assists. 

Cassidee Jones

Series Details

sundays | 4pm

june 2, 9, 23, 30 (no class june 16)

Duration: 60 minutes per session

Suitable for beginners who have some yoga knowledge and/or experience

Bring a yoga mat + a (non-glass) water bottle

Wear clothing that allows you to move freely

Leave your phone outside

The room is slightly warmer than ambient temp

Space is limited, pre-registration is required

You may attend all, or any of the sessions at regular drop-in rates- or save by registering for the entire series

This series is non-refundable

registration fee: $79
members: free!

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