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Book A Sauna Session

for members & class pack holders by appt only

If you are not a member or a class pack holder and wish to experience sauna, pls inquire

Sauna Etiquette + Tips

Upon booking your sauna session, you'll receive email confirmation with etiquette and tips. Please review each  time you reserve a sauna as protocols may change.

Our saunas are 3-seaters, so one person can stretch out or 2 people can sit comfortably. You may add an additional person to your reservation at time of booking.

Bring your own white towel to sit on while inside sauna (required). White towels will prevent color from bleeding into the wood. We do not provide towels but we do have them available for purchase.

Wear yoga clothes, bathing suit, bathrobe, or other cover-up. Wear flip flops or slides anytime you are not in sauna. Bring a change of clothes for apres-sauna. We do not have showers. It is beneficial to allow the body to cool down naturally over a period of 30 minutes post sauna.

Avoid wearing perfumes, cologne, scented lotion or body oil. These products negatively affect the experience of those who sauna after you. We sell essential oil towelettes that are useful for pre- and post-sauna refreshing. 

Bring a water bottle (metal is preferred). We have a fill-up station and we sell bottled water and stainless bottles.​ Note: plastic and glass bottles are not permitted inside sauna. You may leave them outside of sauna. Drink at least 8 oz of water before and after sauna.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Be ready to step into sauna at your scheduled time. If you are late, we may need to shorten or cancel your session to accommodate the next scheduled guest.

Sauna is quiet time- inside and outside of sauna, please keep voices to a soft whisper.

Have questions? Let's chat! (401) 227-8860

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