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Yoga For Golfers

In order to reach the mental peak of your game, you need the instrument of your body to be well tuned.

A strong, stable body that is fluid and flexible creates the foundation for a healthy, injury-free athlete. Consider a lone tree whipping in the winds of a hurricane. A brittle, stiff tree will crack and fall, while a fluid, flexible tree will bend and lean, ultimately withstanding the fiercest of storms.

For many, flexibility, or fluidity, may be more difficult to achieve than strength and stability. Internal and external stressors can block energy in the body, limiting range of motion and causing your body structure to be off center. An off-kilter stance may manifest in the golfer as a stroke that’s off by a fraction of an inch. Power, balance, and weight transfer all depend on fluidity in the body.

Due to the fact that golfers swing from one side of the body, there is asymmetry inherent in the sport. Overtraining and repetitive motion manifests as larger muscles on one side of a golfer’s body; specifically, the shoulders, biceps, forearms, and upper back will be more developed on a golfer’s dominant side. These stronger muscles are also tighter, while the weaker muscles are more flexible. The tight muscles, in turn, restrict the free movement of surrounding muscles, ultimately leading to limited range of motion.

A symmetrical golf stroke is not only going to be more accurate and go farther, it is also going to produce less strain on the body. To create more equality on both sides of the body, golfers need to hold strengthening poses on the weaker side of the body and opening poses on the stronger, yet tighter, side of the body. This is in addition to a regular yoga program of poses performed equally on both sides.

Striving toward symmetry and balance is the essence of a yoga program, which breaks down tension the body has learned to work around. It is an intuitive process that takes practice to develop, much like a good golf game.

A balanced body is a flexible body, and flexibility remains the cornerstone of a good golf game. As Earl Woods tells his son, “What you’re looking for is a soft, flexible, fluid swing—that’s power.”

Practice being present and you'll play a better golf game. 

Yoga as supplemental exercise is very effective at developing proper golfing form. Physically, yoga helps golfers access greater range of motion and increased agility by training the muscles, nerves, and joints to adjust to change in tension degree and pull angle which will improve your golf swing! Mentally, yoga helps to create a heightened level of focus and awareness while golfing. When you’ve entered a deep state of relaxation, you’re able to experience the “now” and your mind becomes clear. You know how to react or not react by anchoring yourself internally. When your mental chatter quiets, you’re able to approach your golf game with focus and awareness.

Anthony DiLuglio will lead you through a challenging yoga class that will satisfy your competitive edge. You will perform golf specific strength and mobility drills, learn posture names, alignment, breathing techniques, how to reset before and after hitting the links, and how to find balance while playing. 

Tips for enjoying this class:

  • Bring a club (any club will work)

  • No yoga experience necessary

  • Intensity: moderate

  • Bring your own yoga mat, borrow one of ours, or purchase one onsite

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is breathable and allows you to move freely

  • Come to class well hydrated and bring a bottle of water (we sell bottled water and also have a fill-up station)

  • Leave your phone outside

  • Space is limited, pre-registration is highly recommended

  • This event is non-refundable

Sat | Mar 23 | 1230-2pm

Registration fee: $35 (members $25)

Anthony DiLuglio is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach, known for his unique approach to fitness, and now yoga. With over two decades of experience, Anthony has trained elite athletes, celebrities, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, making him a leading authority in the world of fitness and wellness. His style embodies the timeless concept of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, making your body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury.

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