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Yoga is thousands of years old, we're all new!


Our New Member Special is just for you!

I'm new here, where do I start?

It's simple, just show up.

All of our classes are designed for all-levels and we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. In a class full of ten people, we expect to see ten different variations of the same pose. Come exactly as you are and modify however you need. We will guide you through the steps, the yoga will take care of the rest.

When you come to The Woods, you can count on being greeted by friendly faces who remember your name and a space that is always welcoming and clean. The community is like no other and we're sure you'll feel right at home. 

Try our New Member Special and see what it's all about.

What should I expect?

A warm welcome. Someone will be at the front desk (or nearby!) to welcome you. 

If you haven't registered online, there will be a tablet at the desk for you to register. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you need to register.

A cubby area for your stuff. Place your belongings in a cubby and be sure to silence your phone.

A bright and friendly yoga studio. Make your way into the practice room and line up the front edge of your mat with an owl sticker on the floor. Grab a strap and a block from the prop closet and say "hi" to your neighbor.

A locked door if you are late. We do not allow entry to the lobby or studio after the start of class. Please show integrity and be respectful of your fellow students by being punctual.

Heat. Most classes are heated to 85 degrees. Non-heated classes will be slightly warmer than ambient temp.

Bring a bottle of water and refill it at our free refill station. Bottled water is available for purchase at $5 per bottle. Help us reduce single use plastic and bring your own.


Be ready for anything! And don't worry about "doing it right". Part of the process is getting messy and not knowing what you're doing. Embrace being new and  trust the process.

  • What is Momence?
    Momence is the platform behind our class booking experience. Previously, we used MindBody and made the switch to Momence on 6/19/23. ​ Existing accounts were automatically transferred to Momence and everyone with a Woods Yoga account in MindBody was sent an email with instructions to access their Momence account.
  • I didn't get the email to access my account in Momence.
    Everyone with an account in our previous booking system (MindBody) was sent an email with a link to "reset password". If you did not receive this email, please click here to reset your password. This will grant access to your account in Momence.
  • I created an account in Momence, but it's not showing my passes or anything related to The Woods.
    If you had an account with us prior to 6/19/23, it was migrated to the new system (Momence). If you created a new account in Momence instead of resetting your password, your account is not linked to The Woods as a host business. To remedy this, click here and "purchase" the item labeled "LINK TO HOST" priced at $0. This will associate your account with The Woods and you will be able to view your passes and book classes. If you are a brand new Woods Yoga customer, you can create an account here.
  • I downloaded the Momence app and can book classes, but I can't see my account credits and other details.
    The Momence app has limited features and is best for quick actions like purchasing and reserving classes. For full account access, the desktop site is more robust and is fully optimized to be used on mobile devices. Access the full site here. Since Momence is a mobile friendly site, you can create a shortcut to your Momence dashboard that lives on your phone's home screen. The shortcut will take the form of an app icon. Android user set up IOS user set up Ignore that it says "staff mobile app", it's for you too!
  • I'm new to The Woods, how do I book a class?
    Create your Woods Yoga account in our booking system, Momence here.
  • I'm still having trouble, HELP!
    WE GOT YOU! Get in touch with us by email or text (401) 227-8860 and we'll do everything we can to get things sorted out for you. We're still learning the system as well, and we appreciate your patience!
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