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partner yoga

Deepen your bond with a friend or loved one through the shared experience of yoga.

Embark on a journey of connection and rejuvenation with our unique Partner Yoga Workshop, where the power of touch, breath, and shared energy merge to create a harmonious experience. This workshop is designed to deepen your bond with a partner or friend, fostering trust and mutual support through the art of yoga. 

What to expect in the Partner Yoga Workshop:

💜Heart opening yoga practices - Immerse yourself in heart-centered yoga poses that encourage communication, trust, and unity. Talia will guide you through sequences designed to enhance connection and balance between partners.

💜 Breathwork for connection - Explore synchronized breathwork techniques that synchronize your energy with your partner's, promoting a profound sense of unity and shared experience.

💜Trust-Building Partner Poses - Discover the beauty of partner yoga poses that require trust and communication. Deepen your connection as you work together to find balance, strength, and flexibility.

💜 Relaxation and Meditation - Enjoy a soothing meditation session, promoting relaxation and a sense of peace. Bask in the shared energy you've cultivated throughout the workshop.

💜 Snacks and Community - To conclude the workshop, we'll enjoy some sweet treats and take the opportunity to socialize and strengthen the sense of community that has blossomed throughout our time together. We'll share reflections, connect with fellow participants, and celebrate the bonds forged during this journey.

partner yoga workshop
partner yoga workshop
partner yoga workshop
partner yoga workshop
partner yoga workshop
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Talia Gerardi has been a passionate practitioner of yoga since 2011, and a Lead Teacher at The Woods since its inception in 2017. Talia enjoys teaching all styles of yoga, and is always looking for ways to deepen her knowledge and her practice so that she may share that with her students. Inspired by her faith and love for her family, Talia creates a comfortable and supportive space for students. She offers modifications to guide you as you learn the language of your body, and blends many different styles and techniques into her classes. Talia specializes in wrist free sequencing that offers a fresh new perspective. Talia completed a 200 hr Believe You Can Teacher Training certification program in August of 2016. 

Event Details

coming soon!

Duration: 90 minutes

Suitable for all levels

Bring a yoga mat for each participant

Bring a (non-glass) water bottle

Wear comfy clothing + layers to add/remove

Leave your phone outside

The room is slightly warmer than ambient temp

Space is limited, pre-registration is required

Registration fee includes you and your workshop partner

This event is non-refundable

registration fee:

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