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Yoga and The Chakras

Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of the chakra system through an exploration of yoga, breathwork and sound. The chakras, often referred to as ‘energy centers’ are best described as spinning wheels of energy located along the spine, from the tailbone to the top of the head. Each of the seven main chakras has a corresponding name, symbol, color, element, specific location, and health focus. The concept of the chakra system pre-dates the formal invention of physical medicine and is very closely linked to the endocrine and nervous systems. 


Chakras are part of the subtle body, the part of us that can’t be seen or touched. Also known as the energetic body, it’s where our energy flows. Because they are linked to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, if energy becomes blocked in one of the chakras, it can trigger an imbalance. Each of the chakras has its own distinct properties, but they work together as a whole. If one chakra is off balance, it can put the entire system out of whack. Yoga, breathwork, and meditation can help keep the chakras open and aligned.

In this workshop, Talia will guide you through a series of gentle movements, yin postures and breathwork, accompanied by the sound and vibration of crystal singing bowls. 


Each bowl has different frequencies and tones based on its size, shape, composition, density, and surroundings. Water is a great carrier of sound vibrations and since our bodies are over 70% water, the vibration from the bowls will gently stimulate the seven chakras, allowing energy to flow freely so that each chakra may heal and balance itself if needed. 


Intended to create balance and harmony within, and a space for deep healing, this workshop will bring you back to your most natural state.

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Talia Gerardi has been a passionate practitioner of yoga since 2011, and a Lead Teacher at The Woods since its inception in 2017. Talia enjoys teaching all styles of yoga, and is always looking for ways to deepen her knowledge and her practice so that she may share that with her students. Inspired by her faith and love for her family, Talia creates a comfortable and supportive space for students. She offers modifications to guide you as you learn the language of your body, and blends many different styles and techniques into her classes. Talia specializes in wrist free sequencing that offers a fresh new perspective. Talia completed a 200 hr Believe You Can Teacher Training certification program in August of 2016. 

Event Details

coming soon!

Duration: 90 minutes

Suitable for all levels

Bring a yoga mat and a bolster or pillow

and a (non-glass) water bottle

Wear comfy clothing + layers to add/remove

Leave your phone outside

The room is slightly warmer than ambient temp

Space is limited, pre-registration is required

This event is non-refundable

registration fee:

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