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Membership Change Request Form

Use this form to request a freeze, cancelation or membership change. You will receive an email confirmation after submission. If you do not receive the email, pls check your junk folder and inquire here after 48 hours. For your reference, renewal + payment history is available in your momence dashboard. 

Freeze and change requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Cancelation requests must be made 30 days in advance. 

Which membership do you have?
Type of request
Which membership would you like to change to?
Reason for request (select all that apply)

The Woods Yoga memberships carry minimum commitments as set forth in my membership agreement. 

Membership may be frozen for 30 days one time per calendar year. Memberships may not be canceled while your account is frozen. Any cancellation while your account is frozen will be considered as 30 days from your return date.

Change & freeze requests require 48 hours notice. 


Cancelation requests require 30 days notice. 


After the initial term of my membership, it will automatically renew monthly until I request cancelation, in accordance with my membership agreement.


Early terminations are subject to an early termination fee of $200. If my cancelation request is made prior to the initial term of my membership agreement, I will be charged $200 early termination fee.


If my next payment is set to run sometime within the minimum required period, or is past due, I am still obligated to make that payment, and changes will go into effect for my next billing cycle.

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