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Summer Solstice Ceremony

The Summer Solstice is a celestial celebration heralding the season of renewal and rebirth. 

In the frost of WINTER, we retreat to our inner caves, reflecting on the cycles of life, allowing what needs to rest and fade away to do so gracefully. With the arrival of SPRING, we witness nature's resplendent rebirth, delicately nurturing tender shoots and blossoms as they unfurl into the world. We learn the art of balance, mindful of not stifling growth with too much or too little care. Alas, SUMMER! A time of vibrant renewal, beckoning us to shed the weight of the past and embrace the boundless possibilities of the present. Like the roots of ancient trees delving deeper into the earth, we find strength in our foundation, revitalized and ready to thrive. The Summer Solstice marks the pinnacle of light, inviting us to celebrate with reverence and joy. Drawing inspiration from Native American traditions, our ceremony is a tapestry of ancient wisdom and modern reverence:

Experience the enchanting melodies of Native American music

Embark on a guided meditation journey to encounter your summer season animal spirit guide

Receive hands-on healing for those seeking rejuvenation

Partake in a sacred tea ceremony honoring the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth

Realign and recharge your root chakra, grounding yourself in the energy of the earth

Join in rhythmic drumming and a communal drum circle (bring your own bongo or rattle if you wish)

Embrace the freedom of movement through dance


Release the burdens of the past, and embrace the opportunity to recharge, grow, and nourish your spirit as you step into the radiant embrace of the future.

Lauren Lombardo is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. Having worked with indigenous tribal members from around the globe, and with her deep connection and love for God, Lauren provides beautiful, sacred practices & modalities to help heal, educate, and awaken our souls. Lauren also teaches a soulful Yin class Wednesdays at 730pm.

Event Details

friday | june 21 | 6pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Bring a yoga mat + a (non-glass) water bottle

Optional items you may wish to bring: blanket, bolster, pillow, eye pillow or small towel to cover the eyes

Wear comfy clothing + layers to add/remove

Leave your phone outside

The room is ambient temp

Space is limited, pre-registration is required

This event is non-refundable

registration fee: $50
members: $40

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