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Class Descriptions

CUSTOMIZE MY SESSION Book your own custom private session with our best kept secret, Anthony DiLuglio! Considered one of America's top trainers, Anthony is known for his unique approach to fitness, and now yoga. Let us help meet your unique needs with a custom session focused on Strength Training, Yoga Instruction, Nutrition, or Lifestyle Counseling.

GENTLE YOGA + GUIDED MEDITATION Slow paced movements and extended period of relaxation with guided meditation. Practices will be oriented towards rest and relaxation, as we let go of the day and transition towards sleep. Room temp is slightly warmer than ambient temperature.

KETTLEBELL CARDIO Brought to you by, Anthony DiLuglio, one of America's top trainers, Kettlebell Cardio embodies the timeless concepts of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, how to make the body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury. Room temp is ambient.

OUTDOOR YOGA IN THE PARK Seasonal classes, open to all levels- from first time beginner to experienced. These one hour classes will include a series of poses to increase physical flexibility, strength, balance and stamina while helping to calm and relax the mind in a moving meditation that is accessible to just about everyone. Classes are taught by The Woods Yoga teachers in training. 

POWER(FUL) VINYASA Simple, straightforward and athletic, not as hot as a traditional power yoga class. If you've taken any of our vinyasa classes, you can do power(ful) vinyasa! A full body workout that is without a doubt, accessible to beginners. Room temp is set to 90.

SLOW + STRETCHY A great option for anyone looking for less flow, and more stretch. Expect to move in this class, but the movement is not complicated and is always accessible. Room temp is slightly warmer than ambient temperature.

SUNDAY OVER EASY Our signature class! An energetic Vinyasa Flow class that winds down with gentle, restorative stretches, and guided meditations. It is always an experience!​ Room temp is set to 90.

STRENGTHEN + LENGHTEN Creative and intelligent sequencing that blends movement with stillness and conscious breathing. Classes are athletic yet approachable and adjustable for all levels. Room temp is set to 85.

YIN Poses are performed close to the earth, for upwards of three minutes per pose. Yin yoga works along the body’s meridian lines to massage and nurture the body’s fascia, bones, and ligaments. Room temp is set to 80.

YINYASA An interwoven experience of dynamic movements and static holds. Room temp is set to 80-85.

YOGA FOR SENIORS This is an "on the mat" class designed to help reduce stress, improve focus, build strength, and increase flexibility. This class is offered in partnership with Shri, an urban outreach yoga organization based in Pawtucket, and is funded by Shri Service Corps. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Class is FREE for seniors 55+. Room temp is ambient.

  • The room is warm and temp will vary by class (90 degrees in some classes). Note that our space is large with high ceilings and lots of windows, when the temp is set to 80 degrees, it feels more like your house would feel if set to 72 degrees.

  • Please bring a yoga mat

  • Studio is equipped with blocks and straps

  • Premium quality mats are available for purchase in our shop

  • Optional props you may wish to bring from home include a blanket, bolster, or pillow

  • Props are available for sale in our shop

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