Class Descriptions

COMMUNITY APPRECIATION CLASSES Making yoga affordable and accessible to all. We are offering these classes for a limited time as our way of saying "thank you" for voting us The Providence Journal's Readers' Choice for BEST YOGA STUDIO three years in a row! Community Appreciation Classes are offered in a variety of styles throughout the week, and usually feature new/developing teachers.


GENTLE YOGA + GUIDED MEDITATION Class begins with slow paced movements to warm up the body and ends with an extended period of relaxation which includes a guided meditation. Practices will be oriented towards rest and relaxation, as we let go of the day and transition towards sleep. 

KETTLEBELL CARDIO Brought to you by Anthony DiLuglio, one of America's top trainers, Kettlebell Cardio embodies the timeless concepts of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, how to make the body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury. Ideal for the avid gym-goer, yoga novice (or enthusiast), person rehabbing from injury, professional athlete, or anyone with advanced training needs.

SLOW + STRETCHY YOGA This class will help you stretch and open your body. Appropriate for both beginners and more seasoned yogis looking for less flow and more stretch. Expect to move in this class, but the movement is not complicated and is always accessible to all body types. We work to experience greater ease in the body so that you feel looser and calmer than when you arrived.

SUNDAY OVER EASY Our signature class! SUNDAY OVER EASY is an energetic vinyasa yoga class that winds down with gentle, restorative stretches, guided meditations, and is always an experience!​

VINYASA FLOW A moderately vigorous class where the movements are connected to each other in a flowing manner, and linking movement with the breath is a primary focus. 

YIN Poses are performed close to the earth, for upwards of three minutes per pose. Yin yoga works along the body’s meridian lines to massage and nurture the body’s fascia, bones, and ligaments. Holding each pose for time creates the conditions necessary to cultivate an internal stillness of the body, breath, and mind. 

YINYASA An interwoven experience of dynamic movements and static holds.

YOGA FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS  In this workshop style class, we go slow and talk about what to expect when attending a yoga class, including studio etiquette and terminology used in class. We take lots of time to demonstrate and practice some of the basic poses and breathing techniques. This class is 1/3 movement, and 2/3 discussion and demonstration.

YOGA FOR SENIORS This is an "on the mat" class designed to introduce gentle yoga postures and meditation practices to help reduce stress, improve focus, build strength, increase flexibility and engage in our growing community. This class is offered in partnership with Shri, an urban outreach yoga organization based in Pawtucket and is funded by Shri Service Corps. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  • The room is warm, up to 80 degrees

  • Please bring a yoga mat, (we do not rent mats)

  • Premium quality mats are available for purchase in our shopWe also sell very inexpensive mats if you're in a pinch

  • Two blocks, a strap, and optional 1-2 blankets or bolsters are recommended

  • Props are available for sale in our shop. Or you can improvise with a belt, books, canned goods, a beach towel, a throw pillow, etc.