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Reiki Level 2 Certification

In this Reiki Level 2 course, you will learn the ancient Reiki symbols, including the distance symbols, allowing you to send Reiki healing through any distance. You will learn how to set up a Reiki practice and will now be able to begin charging for your reiki services, if you so desire. We will review the material from Reiki Level 1 and you will receive your Reiki Level 2 attunement. 



Reiki Level 1 certification (please bring certificate with you) 

If is okay if you completed Reiki Level 1 elsewhere


Tips for enjoying this class:

Wear comfy clothing, bring a notebook, and any drinks or snacks that you choose


Sat | April 29 | 1-7pm

Registration fee: $300

(discount available to those who completed Reiki Level 1 on Feb 4 at The Woods)

This event is non-refundable

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Kayla Ferenc

Kayla is a kundalini yoga instructor and certified Usui Reiki master teacher. Since 2009 Kayla has been involved in the fitness and wellness industries. She has worked with hundreds of clients to improve their mental and physical health. Kayla says she was called to a more spiritual path in 2017 after an illness that forced her to change the pace of her life. She began practicing kundalini yoga and receiving reiki healing sessions. Her experience was so transformational that she decided to dive deeper.

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