Thanks for registering, welcome to The Woods!

We hope you're looking forward to your first class as much as we are! Whether you're new to yoga, or just new to our studio, below is a list of helpful tips to make your experience more enjoyable! 

Tips & Info

  • Shoes, phones, and bags are not allowed in the yoga room.


  • Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes before class. Late arrivals may not be honored. If you arrive late, and someone is at the front desk, you may be allowed to come in quietly as long as it’s within the first five minutes of class. Most times the door is locked at the start of class and you will not be permitted to join class.

  • You must stop at the front desk and give your name to be checked into class. We ask that you sign up for class before coming. You can still show up and drop in to class, but if it is full, those who have signed up will get priority.

  • If you're new to The Woods Yoga, arrive for class 15 - 20 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to sign into the studio, get our five cent tour and set yourself up in the yoga room.

  • If you're new, introduce yourself to the teacher. Let your teacher know if you're new to yoga, new to the studio, or both. Some of our teachers offer hands-on assists during class. Always let your teacher know before class starts if you prefer not to receive any assists. We will honor your choice. Learn more about hands-on assists here.

  • Bring a yoga mat, a small hand towel, a yoga mat sized towel, and water. Expect to sweat! Even in non-heated classes, you may work up quite a sweat.

  • We have premium yoga mats and mat sized towels available for rent and/or purchase. For heated classes, yoga mats are rented with a mat sized towel. You may not rent a studio mat without also renting a yoga mat sized towel for any heated class. Towels may be rented separately if you bring your own mat. Mats may be rented separately for non-heated classes only. Please clean your rental mat with the solution provided in studio. Place your rental towel in the designated bin.

  • For the sake of hygiene as well as safety, we do recommend that you use your own mat. Practicing on a good yoga mat is like wearing sneakers instead of flip-flops to run a marathon. We can offer recommendations on what kind and where to purchase. 

  • We sell bottled water and also provide tea and hot and cold water (free), to fill up your own water bottle or make tea. We do not provide cups. We do sell very inexpensive reusable mugs. 

  • We provide yoga props for you to use at no cost. In return, we ask that you thoroughly clean them after each use and put them back as you found them. Please unbuckle straps, fold blankets neatly and put them (along with any other props) back just as you found them. We provide a cleaning solution for washing mats and blocks.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. For heated and hot classes, you may find that cotton becomes heavy with sweat, and sticks to your body, in which case you might prefer wearing clothing made from moisture wicking fabrics. You may also want to consider bringing a change of clothes for after class, especially if you are taking a heated class. Learn WTH (why the heat?) here

  • We absolutely love that our community connects with each other before and after classes.  With that said, the studio space is a sacred one and one where some yogis come to find peace and quiet.  Please keep conversation in the yoga room short & quiet (a whisper).  If you arrive and there is class in session, please whisper in the lobby. Please also be mindful of your noise level while packing and unpacking your belongings. 

  • Once you've taken a class at our studio, join "The Woods Yoga Community Group" on facebook.

  • Cell phones are not allowed in the yoga studio. We recommend that you leave your phone in your (locked) car, or turn the phone to silent/do not disturb/off while in the lobby.

  • We discourage the wearing of smart watches in class. If you must, please make sure it is silenced, and refrain from checking it while in class. Doing so creates a distraction for others. 

  • Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room. You will be practicing in bare feet, and removing shoes will help keep all the stuff we collect on the bottom of our shoes out of the yoga room. 

  • Avoid wearing any colognes, perfumes or lotions to class. With the added heat and humidity, strong smells are magnified and will affect everyone in the class. Smokers, please consider the sensitivities of non-smokers. 

  • Be sure you are properly hydrated before, during, and after class. Some students like to practice on an empty stomach while others prefer a light meal or snack within two hours of class. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

  • If you're brand new to yoga, set yourself up in the middle of the room. Avoid the back row. Should you become confused, the middle of the room will allow you to look around at any angle during class. We promise, nobody will think you look silly, none of us knew what we were doing when we started either. 

  • When setting up your mat, look for the shiny stickers on the floor. Center the top line of your mat with one of these stickers. This creates enough space for everyone to practice and allows late comers to easily lay down their mats without disturbing the class.

  • The floor is washed after every heated class. For the safety and health of those around you, please wipe up any sweat and water on the floor around your mat before leaving the yoga room. 

  • Bring only what you need for your practice into the yoga room. Leave all extra shirts, bags, keys, etc. in the lobby. If you do not feel safe leaving them in the lobby, we suggest leaving them at home or locked in your car. 

  • Unattended children are not allowed in the studio lobby or yoga room. Children under 12 are not allowed to practice unless they are attending class with a parent or guardian. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to attend any heated classes. Children 16-17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian in any heated class. If you need special permission, it will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the owner beforehand. 

  • The Woods Yoga is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost and found items are stored in the changing room. All lost and found items will be disposed of/or donated on the last day of each month. 

  • DO NOT LEAVE DURING SAVASANA. We highly discourage leaving class early.  If you must, please let the instructor know before class starts, and leave quietly BEFORE savasana begins. Try to minimize the noise you make as you leave so as not to disturb other students still enjoying class. The same considerations apply while you are in the lobby area.  

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