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Yoga For Runners

Whether you run to keep fit or you're training for your 3rd marathon, you could benefit from practicing yoga! We get it though, who wants to slow down for a yoga class when you have miles to log?


If you run, you need yoga.

And this class is challenging enough to satisfy your competitive edge while also supporting your specific training and recovery needs. You will learn posture names, correct alignment, how to reset before and after runs, and how to find balance during training.

Physically, yoga helps runners access greater range of motion and joint mobility. More mobile joints impact stride length and running economy, which helps runners become more efficient as body mechanics improve. Intentional breathing develops lung capacity and breath control for training and competitive runs.

Mentally, yoga helps to create a heightened level of focus and awareness during training and especially racing. This mental training can help runners perform more effectively during a race to stay focused on form and sustaining a quick pace. Meditation promotes calm focus, so you can get rid of those pre-race jitters, build healthy habits, and overcome mental fatigue while running.

Tips for enjoying your class:

  • No yoga experience necessary

  • Intensity: moderate

  • Bring your own yoga mat, borrow one of ours, or purchase one onsite. We like to say that practicing yoga on a good yoga mat is like running a marathon in a good pair of sneakers vs flip-flops. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is breathable and allows you to move freely

  • Come to class well hydrated and bring a bottle of water (we sell bottled water and also have a fill-up station)

  • Leave your phone outside

  • Space is limited, pre-registration is highly recommended

Check back for future dates!

Registration fee: 

This event is non-refundable

founders' special unlimited

monthly unlimited

mini-monthly (four class/mo)

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