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Mediumship Readings

Surrounded by spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and ascended masters, your medium will channel messages of inspiration, love, healing, and guidance. These messages come directly from spirit who wish to impart wisdom, knowledge, and guidance as you navigate the various challenges and opportunities in your life.
Through these messages, spirit helps us to understand that they are never far away, that they are always with us. Mediumship readings are always for the highest good of the client. With that in mind, please note that spirit is in control of the message and you may not hear from the person you would like to or you may not receive that message you thought you would. Please keep an open mind.


  • Each 20 minute private reading takes place within a 45 minute time block to allow for clearing energy in the space between readings.

  • Please arrive at your scheduled time.

  • NOTE: You must reserve a time slot when purchasing. The system will allow you to purchase a reading without reserving. Please confirm with us via email if you're not sure -  OR check you MB profile under RESERVATIONS tab.

Check back soon for future dates

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