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Power(ful) Vinyasa

Simple, straightforward, sweaty and athletic. A full body workout that is without a doubt, accessible to beginners. YES! You can do Power(ful) Vinyasa! These classes are all about movement and the flow of energy as you sync the body and the mind together through motion and breath. Power(ful) Vinyasa embodies a yogic philosophy that in order to achieve true balance we must accept the change that happens around us, and embrace it. The room is heated to 85+ degrees.

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice recognizable by its straightforward sequences and vigorous pace. Power Yoga's popularity can be attributed to its accessibility, simplicity, and effectiveness. The dynamic nature of the practice brings you out of your head and into your body. Simplicity does not mean easy. Power Yoga is intentionally difficult, for reasons best explained by well known Power Yoga teacher, Bryan Kest:


"How do you practice staying calm in a difficult moment if we don’t have any difficult moments in here? Yoga class is training for life. Life is challenging, and how you respond to your challenges has the biggest effect on your health—it’s called stress. So I create a challenging environment to practice respecting your boundaries. I’m laying it all out there to give people a chance to work on this shit."


At The Woods, we understand the term "Power Yoga" has the potential to intimidate, so we've put our own spin on it and call it "Power(ful) Vinyasa". Classes are designed to build strength and concentration as well as flexibility.

Is Power Yoga beginner friendly? 

The short answer is YES.


The long answer is that it depends on how messy you're willing to get. Many beginners feel more comfortable in a slower-paced class where the teacher can talk through each pose giving students insight into what each pose is supposed to feel like, how to breathe into each pose, and common mistakes to avoid. A Power Yoga class will focus more on providing the workout.

With that said, if you're beginner who wants to try a power class, go for it! It might be sloppy and confusing at first, but if you trust the process and go at your own pace, you'll be on your way to experiencing one of the most rewarding and profound workouts of your life. 

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