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Kundalini Yoga

A completely unique experience, Kundalini is a combination of breath, movement, and sound. A favorite among celebrities, Kundalini yoga has grown in popularity in recent years. These ancient teachings were kept secret for a very long time, only taught to royalty and nobility until it was brought to the West in the late 1960s.The room is slightly warmer than ambient temp.

A typical Kundalini yoga class is comprised of three parts: an opening chant (known as “tuning in”) followed by a brief warm-up for your spine, a kriya (which is a sequence of postures paired with breathing techniques), and a closing meditation or song.

Benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga:

  • Strengthens and tones muscles

  • Increases the production of serotonin (the happy hormone) in your brain

  • Potentially decreases the risk of hypertension

  • Boosts cognitive function, both your concentration and memory

  • Improves digestion and has been shown by researchers to speed up metabolism (meaning your body processes energy more efficiently)

Bonus: While you are not expected to wear head-to-toe white, it is common in Kundalini because the color white is thought to ward off negative energy and extend your own aura. Teachers will often also wear a white head covering, such as a hat, scarf, or turban, to contain the energy within the body.

Watch this video of a sample Kundalini Yoga class.

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