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Kettlebell Cardio

Brought to you by Anthony DiLuglio, one of America's top trainers, Kettlebell Cardio embodies the timeless concepts of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, how to make the body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury. Kettlebell Cardio classes are ideal for the avid gym-goer, yoga enthusiast, person rehabbing from injury, professional athlete, or anyone with advanced training needs. This is a fun and energetic class where participants go at their own pace. The workouts are designed for all fitness levels and you will be given a printed workout that you can take home and practice on your own.

Anthony has created award-winning fitness equipment, a successful gym franchise, and works with a wide range of clients including athletes and strength coaches from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PBR. He has trained Hollywood celebrities, people rehabbing from illness and injury, fitness enthusiasts, and fellow cancer survivors. These days, he teaches yoga and kettlebells right here at The Woods! 

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mini-monthly (four class/mo)

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