Happy Feet Workshop w/Billie Fasulo

The feet are the foundation of the temple of the body.


In this workshop, we'll give them the attention they deserve! We'll explore exercises, yoga poses, reflexology, and massage techniques that improve foot strength and even relieve plantar faciitis. The goal is to improve overall foot health, flexibility, and muscle tone. You will stretch and strengthen your foot muscles, lower legs, and connective tissue, providing articulation and improved range of motion to limber up your stiff, often under-used feet. You'll take home charts and tools to continue your new-found appreciation of your feet. This is a great opportunity to build strength and balance to help you stay steady on slippery ice and snow.


For this workshop, participants will need to bring a pillow from home (bed pillow preferred over throw pillow)


  • Sunday, March 1; 12-2pm

  • $30 ($25/unlimited autopay and yearly members)

  • Workshop fees are non-refundable