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Customize My Session

Schedule a private session with our best kept secret, Anthony DiLuglio! Considered one of America's top trainers, Anthony is known for his unique approach to fitness, and now yoga! Anthony has created award-winning fitness equipment, a successful gym franchise, and works with a wide range of clients including athletes and strength coaches from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PBR. He has trained Hollywood celebrities, people rehabbing from illness and injury, fitness enthusiasts, and fellow cancer survivors. These days, he teaches yoga and kettlebells right here at The Woods! 


Go ahead and book your customized session, YOU deserve to work with the best!


Let us help meet your unique needs with these services:

  • Strength Training

  • Yoga Instruction

  • Nutrition + Lifestyle Counseling


Custom sessions are $100/hour for one person or $125/hour for two people together. Registration window opens 36 hours in advance. You will find available available sessions listed right in our class schedule. 

Once you make your reservation, please send us an email letting us know your goals for the session, and any concerns you may have. 

founders' special unlimited

monthly unlimited

mini-monthly (four class/mo)

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