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Corporate Partnership Program

At The Woods, our simple mission has always been "more people doing more yoga". To help facilitate that, we offer a special discount for employees of local businesses with whom we have a partnership. Check with your HR team to see if your company participates. If they don't, have them get in touch with us!

Half off your first class at The Woods! You can use it to attend any of our regularly scheduled classes.

To apply for the discount:

  1. Fill out the application below - we will verify your eligibility and send you a private link

  2. Purchase class credit using the private link we send you

  3. Book your class

  4. Get hooked on yoga!

Once you're hooked and want to do more - you'll still be eligible for our trial membership and that's just $49 for two weeks unlimited classes!

upload file

Discount available to eligible employees who are first time customers. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Class credit expires in one month and will not be extended. Please allow 48 hours turnaround for application processing. Email confirmation will follow. Discount will not be applied retroactively and is only available online. 

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