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Sound Journey: The Jaguar + The Sacral Chakra

Sound Journeys are a combination of deep guided meditation and healing (hands on + through music of sound bowls, drums, rattles, song + prayer), light body movement (dancing), collective tribal energy and so much more!

Clear Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls - precisely tuned to the hertz vibration associated with each chakra, resetting the nervous system.

Buffalo Hide Drum - a powerful, soothing bass drum that resonates throughout your entire body, clearing low-frequency vibrations. This will have your whole body vibrating.

Shamanic Bells & Rattles - ancient traditions to dispel negative energy and harness the power of earth elements, connecting the upper, middle, and lower worlds.

Traditional Indigenous songs - carefully selected to invoke specific animal spirit energy, focusing on self, spirit, and protection. Lauren will be healing, chanting and protecting during this time. 

Modern Music - a gentle conclusion to the journey.

Sounds of Nature - connecting us to the jungle homelands of this sacred animal.


Tips for enjoying this event:

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Bring a yoga mat, an open heart and an open mind

  • Optional items you may wish to bring: blanket, bolster, pillow, eye pillow or small towel to cover the eyes. Bring a (non-glass) water bottle.

  • Wear comfy clothing + layers to add/remove

  • Leave your phone outside

  • The room is ambient temp
  • Space is limited, pre-registration is required

  • This event is non-refundable

Sat | Jan 27 | 6-730pm

Registration fee: $45 (VIP Member Rate: $35)

Lauren Lombardo is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Esthetician, and Massage Therapist. Working with indigenous tribal members from around the globe, and with her deep connection and love for God, Lauren provides these beautiful, sacred practices & modalities to help heal, educate, and awaken our souls.
Future dates:
Sat | Feb 24 | 6pm
Sat | Mar 23 | 6pm

This unique experience is designed to facilitate emotional release and deliver profound messages, inviting the beautiful White Light/Holy Spirit into your being. Lauren will provide hands-on energy healing throughout the session (to those who wish to receive). 

We'll commence the journey by clearing and balancing the chakras using the resonant vibrations of quartz sound bowls, accompanied by a guided meditation leading us to the ancient and sacred jungle lands to call upon Mother Jaguar/Mother Medicine. Once the Jaguar spirit has arrived, we will journey even deeper into a meditative state to instill and integrate all the gifts she has to bestow onto you. 

In the culmination of our experience, we'll allow ourselves to move, dance, sway and stretch, fostering the free flow of energy.​

🐈‍⬛ The Jaguar + The Sacral Chakra 🐈‍⬛​

In Shamanic Practice, Mother Medicine Jaguar is the protector of the West & connected directly to our sacral chakra. Instilling fearlessness, love, instincts, stealth, wisdom, and grace. Mother Jaguar also provides a deep love + respect for all living beings and Mother Earth. You'll be guided to take a deeper look into your sacral chakra to identify what may be lacking and what needs to be activated or recharged. You'll be asked to allow yourself to travel into darker places (shadows) within yourself, without fear.   

👁 Are you called to the Jaguar's strength, beauty,  fearlessness, and power?
👁 Have you felt stagnant lately?
👁 Has your sexual energy been lacking?
👁 Are you struggling to make decisions, or using too much/too little of your intuition?
👁 Are you struggling with using instincts vs intuition?

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