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Saturday 8/24 at 12pm

of yoga
w/ anthony diluglio + christine maguire
You've been practicing yoga for a while now and you're ready to deepen your understanding and your own personal practice, but you're not interested in a becoming a yoga teacher. This program will take you on a deep dive into yogic studies over the course of five weekends, covering topics including, but not limited to: 
This fall, instead of a teacher training program, we’ve opted to offer “University of Yoga”, a deep dive into yogic studies without the emphasis on the *teaching* stuff. This is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with yoga for your own edification. Instead of having to stress over learning how to teach the very thing you’re learning, you can lean into the study of yoga for the sake of studying yoga. And that in itself IS yoga, *karma yoga* to be specific. Karma yoga is the path of unselfish action. It teaches us to act without being attached to the outcome and to act simply for the delight and joy of being ABLE to act, with no attachment to a particular outcome and no sense of a “me” actually doing the action. This is just ONE of the concepts we’ll explore in the program. This program is perfect for two types of people:
1. the person who loves yoga and wants to deepen their own practice and understanding of all things yoga
2. the person who loves yoga and wants to deepen their own practice and understanding of all things yoga AND thinks they might want to maybe someday teach yoga (or at least have the option open)
With enough participation and interest, we’ll run another program at a later time that builds on the concepts covered in ‘University of Yoga’ and prepares you to TEACH yoga (*University of Yoga will be a pre-requisite for that). For now, we’ll start here with our first semester. 
fall semester
Saturday, 9/14 12-5pm

Sunday, 9/15 9am-4pm

(all other Sundays are 11am-4pm)


Saturday, 10/5 12-5pm
Sunday, 10/6 11am-4pm


Saturday, 10/26 12-5pm
Sunday, 10/27 11am-4pm


Saturday, 11/16 12-5pm
Sunday, 11/17 11am-4pm


Saturday, 12/7 12-5pm
Sunday, 12/8 11am-4pm

tuition: $999
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space is limited
participation in all sessions is highly encouraged, but not required
tuition is non-refundable 
note: the woods yoga will not be offering a YTT program this fall
meet your teachers:
Considered one of America's top trainers, Anthony  is known for his unique approach to fitness, and now yoga. Following a noteworthy career as a trainer and strength coach, he completed a yoga teacher training program in 2015. DiLuglio's teaching style weaves the timeless concepts of physical culture with traditional yogic philosophies and practices.


Christine began practicing yoga as a means to soothe her body and mind. During an otherwise tumultuous time in her life, she found peace and acceptance on her yoga mat. Having newly discovered the wonders of yoga, she knew her life had been forever changed and completed her first yoga teacher training program in 2012.


Yoga is what brought Anthony and Christine together in 2014. Fast forward to today, and together they operate an award winning yoga studio in Lincoln, RI. As a proud Shri partner studio, The Woods is both a neighborhood gem and a destination. Through sharing their lives and their love with the community, Anthony and Christine further their mission of "more people doing more yoga".

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