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shut up & breathe

Breathwork Experience

Explore the world of yoga through the lens of pranayama (breathwork) – ancient yogic breathing techniques handed down over the ages. Prana means breath or life force and yama means control. Pranayama means controlling the breath (or life force).

A steady breath leads to a steady mind. Specially designed to revitalize and recharge both body and mind, the "Shut Up + Breathe: Breathwork Experience" empowers you with the practice of breathing techniques that you can integrate into your daily routine. The workshop is broken into three segments: instruction, breathwork, and recovery (savasana) to give participants time to learn, practice, and bathe in the experience. 

In this workshop, you will learn breathing techniques used to create mind-body connection, relieve stress, control your moods, fight disease and go deeper in your meditation. 


Pranayama is the fourth stage of Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed approach to yoga. Many people are already familiar with the third stage: Asana, the physical practice. This workshop is a bridge to experiencing the next level, a world of yoga that is more subtle, more inward, more intuitive.

The aim is to leave you with the tools you need to begin cultivating a stronger feeling of bliss, intuition, and union with the self.

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Anthony DiLuglio is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach, known for his unique approach to fitness, and now yoga. With over two decades of experience, Anthony has trained elite athletes, celebrities, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, making him a leading authority in the world of fitness and wellness. His style embodies the timeless concept of physical culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, making your body more durable, more resilient, and less prone to injury.

Event Details

coming soon!

Duration: 90 minutes

Suitable for beginners

No previous yoga or breathwork experience required

Bring a yoga mat, journal + pen and a pillow, bolster or meditation cushion

Bring + a (non-glass) water bottle

Wear comfy clothing that allows you to move freely

Please arrive on an empty stomach (try not to eat too soon before class- have at least a 2hr break in between your last meal and class time or have something very light

Leave your phone outside

The room is ambient temp

Space is limited, pre-registration is required

This event is non-refundable

registration fee: 

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