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Power Blues

Ignite your Friday with an invigorating Power Blues class that combines the strength-building elements of power yoga with the soulful rhythms of bluesy music. Get ready to embark on a journey that will fire you up from the inside out, shifting you into weekend mode. The room is heated to 85+ degrees.

In this dynamic and unique yoga experience, we blend the intensity of power yoga with the emotive essence of blues music. The fusion of these two elements creates a powerful synergy that amplifies your physical and mental well-being. Our soulful, bluesy playlist sets the tone for an immersive session that connects mind, body, and music in harmony.

Sweat and Strength

The Power Blues class is designed to challenge and empower you. As you flow through dynamic poses and sequences, you'll build strength, enhance flexibility, and elevate your endurance. The rhythmic flow syncs with the beat of the blues, pushing you to new heights.


Soulful Playlist

Immerse yourself in a carefully curated blues playlist that sets the mood for the entire class. The emotive melodies and soulful tunes create a backdrop that resonates with the movements, enhancing your connection to each pose and breath.


Individualized Experience

Every Power Blues class has its own unique personality and vibe, ensuring that each session is a fresh and exciting experience. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the mat, modifications and variations will be offered, allowing you to tailor the practice to your own needs.


Detox and Rejuvenation

The dynamic flow, combined with the detoxifying effects of sweating, helps to cleanse your body of impurities and tensions. As you move and breathe, you'll release stress and toxins, leaving you feeling rinsed, renewed, and revitalized.


Who Should Attend

This class is open to all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced yogis. Whether you're looking to enhance your physical fitness, find inner balance, or simply enjoy a unique yoga experience, the Power Blues class welcomes you with open arms.


Come Join Us

Join us for a journey that merges the strength of power yoga with the emotional depth of blues music. Fire up your Friday and set the tone for a weekend of positivity and energy. Unite your mind, body, and spirit in a session that promises to leave you empowered, detoxed, and fully rejuvenated. Let the Power Blues class be your gateway to a harmonious fusion of movement and music.

founders' special unlimited

monthly unlimited

mini-monthly (four class/mo)

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